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Software Development In the Land of Pura Vida

Multiplied Solutions is a technology development company based out of Latin America. Their unique value proposition is to empower global companies to increase the velocity of technology engineering and product development. With an extensive team of talented software engineers and a rock solid project management process, Multiplied allows companies to expand their capabilities and decrease time to delivery.

A funny name

Before there was Multiplied, there was Cecropia Solutions. With a “funny name” and unrecognizable brand, the company struggled to establish an identity for itself that would allow it to take their rightful place as a global leader in technology development. Cecropia Solutions reached out to Divining Point to explore marketing opportunities that could give them the most bang for the buck and open doors to more corporate decision makers.

the first step

Divining Point started the engagement by first exploring Cecropia Solutions’ model, business development methods, and current marketing strategies. After an in-depth discussion with the partners, it was determined that the company struggled with step one in their marketing efforts: a brand that failed to represent their value to the customer and that did not succinctly summarize their unique abilities.

Feedback from customers about the brand revolved around questions like, “What does Cecropia mean?”, “How do you pronounce it?”, and “How do we know you can handle our project?”. Overall the brand name and identity confused potential customers and left the impression that Cecropia Solutions was a small startup of coders.

With that understanding, we worked with the client to discuss their mission statement, their values, and exactly what benefits they provide for the corporations and entrepreneurs who need outsourced software development. With a solid project management methodology and an endless supply of talented engineers in Costa Rica, Cecropia Solutions allows companies to rapidly expand their technology teams in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing quality. 

Additionally, Cecropia Solutions uses agile methodologies and pride themselves on their ability to quickly iterate through every sprint and step in complex technology projects. Once again, the customer enjoys the benefits of sound software development practices while decreasing the time to deliver products to the market.

A Multiplied solution

With this in mind, Divining Point explored the inherent mathematical qualities of the company’s unique value proposition. Bigger team. Faster velocity. Greater savings. Enhanced product development. This multiplication effect was consistent across the board.

The new name, Multiplied Solutions, speaks to their unique value. It’s an easy to recognize concept for global companies. And it’s easy to pronounce.


With the new name and identity in place, we worked to develop a style guide that governed the usage of the brand in each application where it might appear. We defined the company’s values, company vision, and overall culture – which is inherently Costa Rican. We gave the client all of the tools to use the brand online, in print, and with promotional products. The final result is a brand roadmap to assist Multiplied with decision making for all marketing and business development activities.