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In addressing the challenge of rejuvenating tourism and community engagement for the City of Kenai, Divining Point engaged in a comprehensive rebranding and marketing campaign aimed at highlighting Kenai's unique offerings.

With declining tourism spending since 2016, Divining Point's strategic approach began in 2019 with a deep dive into Kenai's cultural and heritage values, alongside a comparative analysis of tourism branding across the Kenai Peninsula and similar destinations. This groundwork paved the way for a refreshed city identity that encapsulates Kenai's appeal as a vibrant community, rich in natural beauty and opportunities, positioning it not just as a destination, but as the epitome of the Alaskan lifestyle.

Our efforts included a new brand direction symbolized by a modern, salmon-inspired logo and the powerful tagline, "The Best Place To ALASKA," alongside a comprehensive marketing mix covering digital and traditional mediums, significantly enhancing Kenai's visibility and appeal to both travelers and potential residents.

The campaign's success was marked by a multifaceted approach that extended beyond mere aesthetics to include strategic advertising, public relations, and community engagement initiatives. By rebranding the Kenai Silver Salmon Derby as "The World’s Most Responsible Fishing Tournament," Divining Point not only spotlighted Kenai's commitment to conservation but also significantly boosted event participation and sponsorships.

Divining Point's tailored strategies led to a notable increase in city sales tax revenue by 2020, setting a positive trajectory for Kenai's economic and community development. Through persistent storytelling, creative marketing, and a focus on the city's unique qualities, Divining Point helped the City of Kenai redefine its image, attracting a broader audience and fostering a stronger, more vibrant community spirit.

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