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We Are Different…

Different Is Good

Navigating the vast and often impersonal world of marketing is incredibly frustrating. The disappointment of one-size-fits-all strategies, the broken promises, and the feeling of being just another account number - it's a narrative we aim to rewrite for every client we partner with.

Divining Point partners with businesses seeking a high service, relationship-driven agency that champions the pursuit of creative solutions to complex business challenges.

As explorers of the marketing realm, we're not content with the status quo. We venture beyond conventional boundaries, employing a blend of advanced analytics, leading technology, and independent thinking to test theories, scrutinize data, and ultimately, deliver tangible results.

Awards & Recognition

Divining Point’s work has been showcased and acknowledged by various agencies, organizations, and media sources. You can learn more about our expertise by seeing who has recognized our work.

Our Mission

We build greater trust in the marketplace by helping companies fulfill the promises they make to their customers.

We serve a unique niche:

Companies that value the power of a rock solid brand and commit themselves to excellent customer experience.

We Believe in the Power of…


About Our Founder

Coy West

With 30 years’ experience, Coy has developed and managed the execution of hundreds of campaigns that include corporate branding & communications, digital marketing, advertising and promotions, event marketing, social media, app development, and website design.

Coy launched Divining Point in 2013 with the goal of giving a voice to businesses looking to stand out in a crowded and competitive market. Since then, he has attracted talented marketers and designers who’ve joined the team to provide growth strategies for companies seeking to gain market share.

Coy West is a US Navy veteran rated as a Damage Controlman. He served with distinction in the Gulf War aboard the USS Kinkaid and was awarded multiple honors for service and professionalism.

Coy West


We are marketing explorers. We boldly traverse where others fear to tread. Getting the job done right is what matters most to us. That allows us to dedicate more time to research, learning, and living.

We do not negotiate for hours and then turn around and try to upsell you every month for more time. Our customers pay for value, which forces us to efficiently excel at every job we do. Because of this unique work model, we only hire marketers and designers with the experience and work ethic to deliver the best results.

What Does Divining Point Even Mean?

We hear this one all the time…

Divining comes from the practice of dowsing, or divination, to locate underground sources of water, precious metals, or other obscure objects. Although dowsing is highly dubious and considered pseudoscience today, the pursuit of new discoveries - with or without scientific techniques - still continues.

Point is the action of guiding someone’s attention toward something.

A divining point is an action that leads you towards a highly sought after discovery or achievement.

In essence, we use a combination of data and creative vision to guide our customers to success.


What’s Up With Your Logo?

It’s a compass. It’s also crosshairs. Just depends on how you look at it.

A compass steers you towards your destination.

You use crosshairs to aim at a target.

In both cases, the logo symbolizes the focal point of a successful venture.

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