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Multiplied Solutions, formerly known as Cecropia Solutions, worked with Divining Point to redefine its brand identity and position itself as a formidable player in the global technology development arena.

Originating from the vibrant and innovation-rich environment of Latin America, the company's mission is to empower corporations worldwide by accelerating the pace of software engineering and product development. Despite a highly skilled team of software engineers and a robust project management process, Cecropia Solutions faced significant challenges in establishing a recognizable brand presence, which hindered its growth and visibility among corporate decision-makers.

The collaboration with Divining Point began with a deep dive into Cecropia Solutions' operational model, business development tactics, and existing marketing strategies. It became evident that the brand's primary obstacle was its name and identity, which did not effectively communicate its value proposition or its capability to lead large-scale technology projects. Feedback from potential customers highlighted confusion around the brand's name and its significance, casting the company as a small-scale operation rather than the global leader it aspired to be.

Recognizing the need for a brand that reflects the company's ability to significantly enhance clients' technology capabilities, Divining Point spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding initiative. The result was "Multiplied Solutions," a name that encapsulates the company's promise of delivering expanded team capacity, increased project velocity, cost savings, and superior product development outcomes. This new identity not only simplifies the brand's message for a global audience but also aligns perfectly with the company's core values and agile methodology that underpins its project management approach.

The rebranding process culminated in the creation of a detailed style guide, ensuring consistent application of the new brand identity across various platforms and materials. This strategic overhaul has equipped Multiplied Solutions with a clear, compelling brand roadmap, positioning the company for enhanced decision-making in marketing and business development. With its new identity, Multiplied Solutions is now poised to make a significant impact on the global stage, leveraging its Costa Rican heritage to deliver technology solutions that multiply the successes of its clients.

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