Watson Metals

Forging a Digital Path to Expansion and Acquisition

Scope of Work


Digital Marketing


Website Redesign


CRO & Tracking

Since its inception in 1997, Watson Metals has established itself as the frontrunner in metal roofing, siding panels, building materials, and truss manufacturing across Tennessee and Kentucky. Faced with the dual objectives of driving sales growth and positioning the company for future acquisition, Watson Metals recognized the need for a comprehensive online rebranding. To achieve this, they enlisted Divining Point's expertise to overhaul their website, ensuring it adhered to the latest web design while also optimizing for sales inquiries through a well-defined funnel.

Understanding Watson Metals' goals to expand their current offerings and tap into new markets for barndominium construction and building supplies, Divining Point crafted a website that showcased the full spectrum of products and services.

The new site is designed to engage users, all while maintaining a clear path to conversion. Furthermore, Divining Point implemented robust tracking and analytics to capture and analyze conversion data, offering valuable insights into the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies.

This strategic online rebranding and digital optimization set Watson Metals on a trajectory towards achieving their growth and acquisition goals in 2024.

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