Elevating Emergency Services with a Dynamic Digital Presence

Scope of Work


Website Design



AngelTrack, a comprehensive software solution for EMS and Fire Departments, found itself held back by an outdated website that failed to reflect the advanced nature of its offerings. In a bid to rebrand and revitalize its online presence, AngelTrack partnered with Divining Point, aiming to not only enhance its website design but also to strategize for greater sales success in a competitive market.

Divining Point started with an exhaustive exploration of the EMS and Fire ERP, logistics, dispatch, and revenue management landscape, gaining insights into the competition and uncovering opportunities for AngelTrack to stand out. Embracing AngelTrack's commitment to supporting first responders, Divining Point crafted a website that vividly conveys the software's complex features and benefits while resonating with its patriotic brand voice.

The redesigned website features multiple conversion pathways, backed by robust conversion tracking on the backend. This strategic overhaul provides AngelTrack with valuable insights into effective marketing strategies, ultimately redefining its brand and setting the stage for future growth. Through this transformation, AngelTrack not only reaffirms its dedication to EMS and Fire Department services but also secures a leading position in delivering cutting-edge logistics solutions.

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