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RW Arms, a veteran-owned leader in the firearms parts and accessories industry, faced a unique challenge. They acquired the nation’s remaining inventory of bump stocks in early 2018, aiming to bolster their market presence and revenue as a new online gun retailer. This strategic move, occurring amidst the backdrop of the bump stock debate following the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, required a nuanced and strategic marketing approach. Divining Point, aligning with RW Arms' patriotic and Second Amendment-supportive brand identity, developed a comprehensive campaign to navigate the complexities of selling a controversial product while fostering brand growth and loyalty.

The engagement spanned brand refinement, social media, search engine optimization, and strategic public relations to position RW Arms as a premier source for aftermarket firearm components.

The landscape shifted dramatically with the December 2018 federal ruling that reclassified bump stocks as illegal machine guns, posing a significant challenge to RW Arms. The Divining Point team was instrumental in managing the aftermath, including the legal requirement to destroy the remaining inventory, which was meticulously documented and handled with sensitivity towards varying public sentiments.

Post-bump stock era, Divining Point steered RW Arms through a strategic diversification of their product offerings. A new focus was dedicated to reinforcing their commitment to the Second Amendment, veteran support, and cutting-edge firearm technology.

This pivot not only helped RW Arms recover from the immediate impact of the bump stock ban but also positioned them for sustained growth amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, and industry-wide ammunition shortages.

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