Vertex Mechanical

Establishing HVAC Identity in Central Texas

Scope of Work


Digital Marketing




CRO & Tracking

When Vertex Mechanical, a provider of commercial and residential HVAC services in Central Texas, found themselves lost in the sea of clients under a large, industry-specific marketing agency, they turned to Divining Point for a more personalized marketing approach. Seeking to carve out a unique identity in the competitive Austin market, the company felt they needed more focused attention and expertise to enhance their performance.

Divining Point’s engagement began with a thorough overhaul of conversion tracking across various advertising platforms, setting the stage for data-driven decision-making. Addressing the company's underperforming keyword rankings and ineffective SEO strategy was priority, especially in local search contexts. This strategic shift aimed not only to improve visibility but also to significantly enhance the company's online presence in a targeted and impactful way.

The pivotal moment in Vertex Mechanical's journey came with the decision to rebrand to HVAC Cowboys, a name that resonated more profoundly with their residential service ethos. Divining Point played a crucial role in this transformation, meticulously managing the online transition to ensure a seamless renaming process. This rebranding, supported by Divining Point's digital marketing efforts, repositioned Vertex Mechanical as a standout service provider.

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