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Faced with the challenge of declining bookings due to increasing competition and unforeseen natural and global events, Alaska River Adventures partnered with Divining Point to revitalize their brand and bolster their online presence. With over 38 years of guiding thrill-seekers through the stunning landscapes of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska River Adventures sought to reclaim its position as a premier provider of guided fishing, scenic rafting, and outdoor adventures.

Divining Point's strategic intervention began with an overhaul of the company's digital footprint, starting with the development of a new, modern brand identity and a temporary website to sustain business while a comprehensive marketing and SEO strategy was implemented to target potential visitors effectively, both pre-planning and during their stays in Alaska.

The approach was multifaceted, adapting to challenges such as the Swan Lake fire in 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, which significantly impacted travel plans and bookings. Despite these setbacks, Divining Point's agile strategy, focusing on a "local first" marketing approach, allowed Alaska River Adventures to maximize bookings by appealing to Alaskans looking for staycation opportunities amidst travel restrictions. This strategy not only helped mitigate potential revenue losses but also reinforced the company's connection with the local community.

Through creative branding, targeted digital campaigns, and an engaging, redesigned website showcasing breathtaking photography and videography of Alaska's landscapes and adventures, Divining Point helped Alaska River Adventures navigate through challenging times, ensuring their legacy and operations continued to thrive in an ever-changing market landscape.

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