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In the competitive niche of healthcare real estate, Practice Transitions Group (PTG) found itself struggling to carve out a distinct presence. Tasked with the delicate role of facilitating ownership transitions for doctors and dentists, PTG sought to distinguish itself in a market that was not only competitive but also widely misunderstood.

After unsatisfactory experiences with previous marketing and public relations efforts from other providers, PTG reached out to Divining Point to help them achieve differentiation and engineer a new approach to business development.

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Divining Point started with an intensive discovery process to learn the nuances of "how deals get done" and the challenges faced by practitioners exploring how to transition the ownership of their practices.

Divining Point started by redesigning the PTG website so that it clearly articulated PTG's mission, target audience, and the tangible benefits it offers to healthcare professionals. By optimizing the website with a clear conversion funnel and creating compelling lead magnets, Divining Point laid the groundwork for a new lead generation ecosystem.

Initially hesitant about the impact of pay-per-click advertising, PTG's doubts were quickly dispelled by Divining Point's effective and targeted advertising strategy. The introduction of these campaigns for dental, medical, and med spa transitions turned out to be a pivotal move, significantly boosting PTG's growth. This strategy not only proved its worth but also positioned Practice Transitions Group as a leading player in the healthcare transitions field, creating a reliable flow of leads and reinforcing its reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

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