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Aesthetic Medical Educators Training (AMET), a beacon for specialized medical aesthetics training since 2003, worked with Divining Point in 2017 to elevate its competitive position against major industry players.

Tasked with the ambitious goal of scaling operations and enhancing their digital footprint, AMET sought Divining Point's expertise to overhaul their digital advertising strategy and refine their brand positioning. The initial engagement, aimed at auditing and revitalizing AMET's digital advertising efforts, quickly evolved into a comprehensive partnership focused on significant growth.

The collaboration produced immediate and impressive results, with AMET experiencing a substantial uptick in audience engagement, e-commerce revenue, and conversion rates. The success of the initial overhaul led to a deeper relationship, with Divining Point taking the helm of AMET's digital advertising efforts on a retainer basis.

This partnership inspired the development of a new website in 2023, which further amplified AMET's market presence and solidified its reputation as a premier nationwide provider of medical aesthetics training. Through meticulous optimization and a keen understanding of digital marketing dynamics, Divining Point not only met AMET's objectives but also set a new standard for excellence in the company's online outreach, ensuring a robust and sustainable growth trajectory.

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