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Faced with the challenge of modernizing their marketing strategy, Buffington Homes, a cornerstone of the Central Texas’s residential construction market since 1987, turned to Divining Point to transition from traditional to digital marketing and reinforce their brand's presence in a rapidly evolving market.

Starting in 2013, our comprehensive strategy was grounded in a deep understanding of Buffington Homes' legacy and commitment to quality, aiming to connect with the ideal home buyer through a local lens of "We Are Austin."

By overhauling their digital advertising efforts, establishing a robust social media presence that reflected their community-focused brand, and implementing a precise SEO plan, we aimed to elevate their online visibility and engage potential homebuyers more effectively.

The collaboration saw the integration of advanced CRM systems to track leads meticulously from initial contact to sale closure, ensuring every marketing effort was measurable and aligned with Buffington Homes' goal of maintaining its market standing. Divining Point's efforts included the production of high-quality photography and videography that showcased the unique appeal of Buffington Homes to first-time buyers, emphasizing their commitment to craftsmanship and value.

This strategic pivot to digital marketing not only cemented Buffington Homes' status in Austin's competitive housing market but also delivered significant increases in website traffic and sales, even amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, proving the enduring power of a well-crafted digital presence in preserving a rock-solid legacy.

Divining Point was a close strategic partner with Buffington Homes and steered them to a successful acquisition of the company by LGI Homes in 2021.

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