Kirsten Croft Joins Divining Point as Project Manager

29604_Kirsten Croft Joins Divining Point as Project Manager

We are excited to announce that Kirsten Croft, or KC as we call her, has joined Divining Point as Project Manager. KC brings over 20 years of experience in the advertising and media research industry to our full-service agency. 

Between her expertise in client relations and strong project management skills, KC is an integral part of Divining Point’s backbone. The new Project Manager’s role will greatly contribute to process optimizations, planning and scheduling needs, and vital communication engagements. 

Prior to joining Divining Point, KC earned her chops in data and research with positions as a Consumer Insights/Research professional at KVUE Media Group. KC also worked as a Clients Relations Manager at a leading market intelligence company, GfK MRI, in Chicago. For nearly 7 years, KC provided service and support to clients, including servicing over 250 agency, advertiser, and media clients. Additionally, she fulfilled supervisory responsibilities at Starcom USA for 5 years and as a Media Systems Specialist at GSDM for 5 years. 

When it comes to KC’s philosophy on project management, Divining Point couldn’t agree more. She believes the key elements of an effective project management strategy comes down to understanding an organization’s culture, values, goals, and objectives, as well as how a team creates, works, and relates to one another. She also says flexibility and adaptability are essential to establish a successful method.

When KC isn’t planning and executing business projects, you can find her spending time with her close circle of friends enjoying libations, meals, and conversation, or walking the neighborhood doggos. She also isn’t opposed to Friday evening dance parties.

“KC has the perfect mix of curiosity, analytical thinking, organizational skills and friendliness required for the Project Manage position,” says Coy West, CEO and Founder of Divining Point. “We are delighted to have her on board to steer us towards greater efficiency, client servicing, and market research.”

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