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Snell Firm, a law firm in Central Texas, sought to amplify its visibility and attract new business leads and referrals within the legal community. Despite a steady flow of business driven by their reputation as "aggressive problem-solvers" for high net worth clients, the firm recognized an opportunity to further educate the public and legal professionals about their unique blend of personalized service and successful outcomes in contract disputes, business torts, and real estate litigation.

Divining Point took on the challenge of elevating Snell Firm's brand without diluting its prestigious image or attracting unqualified leads. After in-depth discussions with stakeholders to grasp the firm's history and achievements, a multifaceted strategy was deployed. This included a traditional yet impactful series of advertisements in regional magazines, aimed directly at engaging the legal profession.

This campaign occurred alongside a digital makeover of the firm's website to streamline lead capture and enhance functionality. An SEO campaign was also launched to boost the firm's visibility in search engine results, bringing them to the forefront for critical legal service keywords.

The campaign took a creative turn by positioning the firm's principal, Jason Snell, as the legal "enforcer" – a departure from conventional and staid legal advertisements. By showcasing Snell in dynamic Austin locales, the ads broke through the clutter with a message of toughness and readiness to defend client rights without the usual legal imagery. This innovative approach not only distinguished Snell Firm in a crowded market but also set a new standard in legal marketing.

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