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Scott Hayley, a West Texas country music artist, faced the challenge of breaking into the national and international country music scene from the unconventional grounds of Rising Star, TX, just outside of Abilene. Despite being a regular in the Red Dirt Country Music scene, Scott's career needed a significant push beyond the traditional Nashville-centric pathways, especially after career setbacks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

An opportunity arose when his day job as a directional drilling engineer took him to Poland, aiming to revitalize the European oil and gas sector following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This unique journey allowed him to split his time between the oil rigs and performing country music across Europe. It was a narrative unlike any other in the music industry.

Divining Point leveraged Scott's distinct story, creating a marketing website that not only highlighted his musical journey and past releases but also his unique venture into Europe. The agency launched an extensive public relations campaign across the US and Europe, drawing attention to Scott's overseas experiences and his musical heritage.

This strategic approach propelled Scott onto the Hot Disc European Country chart, securing the #7 spot and opening doors for a European tour to promote his album "The Life I’ve Lived."

The campaign not only expanded Scott's fan base in Europe but also reinvigorated his presence in the US country music scene. This led to a significant increase in Spotify followers and re-established him in the country music community. Scott Hayley's story exemplifies how unique personal narratives, when paired with strategic marketing and public relations, can redefine an artist's career path and audience reach.

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