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A Facelift for a Legacy Brand

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Visual Storytelling

Schaumburg & Polk, Inc. (SPI), a civil engineering firm founded in Texas in 1937, sought to rejuvenate its online presence to reflect its recent expansion and evolving service offerings. With the acquisition of a new branch in Garland, Texas, and an expanding footprint across six markets in the state, SPI recognized the need for a website that could accurately convey its legacy of excellence, breadth of services, and commitment to both public and private sector clients.

Divining Point had a longstanding consulting relationship with SPI since 2017. They were tasked with leveraging their deep understanding of SPI's history, services, and the civil engineering B2B sales to complete this project.

The approach to the new website focused on clarity and accessibility, ensuring that SPI's comprehensive range of engineering and construction management services were presented in an easily digestible format. This was particularly challenging given the inherently invisible nature of civil engineering projects like drainage, water, wastewater, and infrastructure, which can be abstract to those unfamiliar with the field. The Divining Point team meticulously curated project photos and case studies to highlight SPI's expertise, quality of work, and impact on communities.

The redesigned website emerged as a balanced fusion of SPI's rich history and its dynamic growth into a modern engineering firm. It not only serves as a testament to SPI's enduring legacy and leadership in civil engineering but also as a forward-looking platform that showcases the firm's expanded capabilities and projects.

As SPI continues to grow, Divining Point remains a steadfast partner, supporting the firm's marketing endeavors with strategic insights, graphic design, and visual storytelling, ensuring that SPI's story of innovation and excellence in civil engineering reaches a broad audience.

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