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The Adventure of a Lifetime In the Alaskan Wilderness

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Alaskan Destinations, nestled on the scenic Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, offers a comprehensive suite of travel and hospitality services, including all-inclusive lodging, fishing, hunting, and adventure charters.

Despite being one of the pioneering all-inclusive vacation providers in the region, Alaskan Destinations struggled to match the consistent success of its competition. This dynamic shifted dramatically when the company enlisted Divining Point's expertise to revitalize its brand and online presence in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had rocked the travel industry worldwide.

Divining Point began an engagement with Alaskan Destinations, spearheading the development of a new website optimized for user experience and SEO. The agency also implemented a robust series of conversion tracking mechanisms across various digital marketing platforms, enabling a more effective capture of leads from PPC and SEO efforts. This strategic overhaul was designed not just to attract visitors but to convert them into customers eagerly booking their big Alaskan adventure.

The impact of these initiatives was profound. Alaskan Destinations witnessed an unprecedented surge in reservations, extending across multiple seasons and solidifying its position as the premier all-inclusive vacation provider on the Kenai Peninsula.

Their success was further bolstered when their main competitor ceased operations in 2022, leaving Alaskan Destinations as the undisputed leader in the region's all-inclusive travel market. Through innovative digital strategies and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Alaskan Destinations turned industry challenges into a compelling success story, charting a new course for adventure in Alaska's vast wilderness.

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