RedHome Services

Driving HVAC Success in Austin, TX

Scope of Work


Website design


CRO & Tracking


Digital Marketing



RedHome Services, a budding HVAC startup in Austin, TX, faced the daunting challenge of establishing their brand and scaling their business amidst fierce competition. In their quest for growth, RedHome turned to Divining Point, seeking their expertise in making a significant market impact.

Divining Point's first order of business was to revamp the client’s poorly designed website that hindered user experience and conversions. This groundwork laid the foundation for a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, incorporating both pay-per-click advertising and a robust SEO strategy to increase visibility and traffic. Additionally, understanding the importance of physical brand presence, a distinctive van wrap was designed for RedHome, significantly boosting local recognition during service calls and daily commutes.

The pivotal moment came with a complete overhaul of the RedHome website, employing best practices for SEO, user experience, and an enhanced conversion funnel. By integrating advanced tracking capabilities with advertising platforms, Divining Point not only streamlined RedHome's digital strategy but also increased their website conversion rate.

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