8 Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

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Home builders may design and construct dream homes in desirable neighborhoods, but if nobody knows about these homes, there won’t be much sales action. Traditional advertising, like direct mail, radio and newspaper ads, don’t produce the same results they once did. These days, buyers need to see more than just your offer. They want to see interior videos of homes, read online reviews from happy customers, be invited to groups on social media and more. 

We’ve compiled 8 creative marketing ideas for home builders. Being savvy with digital marketing doesn’t necessarily require a ton of technical savvy. You just need a genuine approach to build a connection with potential buyers and provide the most important information they’re seeking. 

1. Use Pinterest to build a portfolio of interior & exterior photos that link back to your website

Pinterest is an optimal social media platform for showcasing a home builder’s work. The image based site provides a perfect canvas for photos of kitchens, exteriors, bathrooms, landscaping, and more. The grouping of the photos is flexible; the home builder could organize photos by floor plans, by elevations, by room in the house or even by color scheme. Each Pinterest photo should link to the website so that you can drive traffic to explore more. 

2. Use social media to show pre-construction activities – specifically focusing on craftsmanship and quality.

Instagram and Facebook are perfect for engaging buyers before home construction is even complete. A new home is a big investment, and home builders want to please future owners. Posting regular project updates of new home construction not only lets your buyer feel like they’re part of the process, it also reinforces your solid construction quality to potential new buyers. By highlighting your dedication to craftsmanship and quality, buyers will feel confident in their decision, while new prospects will appreciate getting an inside look at the process. 

3. Pulse the market with PPC ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads give home builders an opportunity to be very specific, and efficient, with their digital advertising. If you have quality ads and a great understanding of which search terms drive the most traffic, you can stretch a smaller budget with PPC. It’s easy enough to turn on and turn off your campaigns in time with the fluctuations of the market or compete for specific search terms with less frequency. By pulsing the market you can nimbly edge out your competitors during the times of the year when you need sales the most.  

4. Capture video from the communities and publish on social media

People love videos – ESPECIALLY home buyers! Videos are a great way to provide useful information, while also building a connection with the viewer. Home builders can use marketing videos to do give tours of their communities, provide helpful DIY advice, or even share testimonials from happy customers. Videos are also a perfect method for showcasing a home’s floor plan, features, exterior and landscaping. With video, home builders can build demand and entice buyers to visit your models. 

5. Run lead ads on Facebook

Compelling ads can drive leads to a home builder’s website. Facebook has stepped up their game by offering home builders a quick and easy way to capture new leads. It’s already well known that you can create custom audiences for your ads based on location, age, income and other demographics. With a lead ad, an interested buyer can conveniently provide contact their info with one button click on their mobile device in exchange for more information or special offers. 

6. Encourage your happy customers to write reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook

When it comes to advertising for home builders, the best resource are happy customers. Future buyers want the real scoop and to feel like they can trust what a home builder promises to do. The best way to earn a buyer’s trust is not to tell them, but to let them read the positive stories of happy customers. Create business profiles on Yelp, Google and Facebook and then ask your happiest customers to provide feedback about their experience with your company and their new home. It’s well known that unhappy customers will leave negative reviews (everywhere), but happy customers need to be reminded. Ask them to post a review after they’ve moved in and are at their most satisfied moment. 

7. Host more special events & share them on social media and in your blog

Special events provide an opportunity to connect with future buyers without the pressure of asking for a commitment. Try hosting community open houses and inviting social media followers to tour multiple homes and explore neighborhood amenities. Similarly, you can organize informational events to provide answers to common concerns on the home buyer’s journey – like how to apply for a mortgage, how to make kitchen design decisions, how to pick the right school, etc. Any event you organize should be shared on social media platforms, on your blog and possibly in email campaigns. The more enjoyable and informative the events, the more you’ll see attendance grow. 

8. Post about open houses on social media

Social media’s fast-moving news feed is a prime spot to promote your open houses. As potential buyers scroll their daily updates, they’ll see your announcement, beautiful home photos and details. Posting open houses on social media also provides a way for you to answer questions about the property, or community, without the interested party having to pick up the phone and call. It also drives traffic back to your website where you can gather lead information or remarket to them with ads tailored to their interests.

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