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Personalizing the Brand

The Snell Firm provides quality legal representation for successful businesses in Central Texas. As “aggressive problem-solvers”, they seek to enforce the rights of high net worth companies during contract disputes, partner disputes, business torts or real estate litigation. The Snell Firm has a reputation of getting the job done with outcomes that invariably favor their clients.


The Snell Firm came to Divining Point with the hopes of raising awareness about their firm and increasing the flow of new business leads and referrals from legal professionals in their service area. It wasn’t that business was slow. In fact, it was steady. The Snell Firm felt the need to educate the public about their position as highly successful attorneys that delivered a personalized level of service found in smaller firms.


How do you elevate the brand of a company that receives most of its business from word-of-mouth referrals? Divining Point met with stakeholders to learn as much as possible about the reputation and history of achievements by the Snell Firm. Whereas the company wanted to “make some noise”, they also didn’t want to saturate the market in a way that would drive unqualified opportunities through the funnel.

The vast majority of successful engagements came from other attorneys and professionals in the legal field. After weighing a variety of traditional and digital methods, Divining Point designed a full page print advertisement in Austin Lawyer Magazine, a monthly magazine published by the Austin Bar Association which is mailed to attorneys and legal professionals throughout the entire market.

In order to keep messaging consistent, we rewrote copywriting and updated functionality on the company website so it could capture potential leads via phone and submission form. A search engine optimization campaign was conducted to bring the Snell Firm from the 3rd and 4th page of rankings into the top three search engine results for keywords related to the Snell Firm’s core offerings.

classy action

After driving the brand and establishing the name market-wide, Divining Point pivoted to a new approach: elevating the principal, Jason Snell, to the deserved status of “enforcer”. Much like the A-Team, when you need help, Jason Snell is the man to call. 

Advertising for legal companies takes a predictable form. Poorly lit, isolated photographs of attorneys inserted into ad space that is cluttered with dense, awkward copy and icons of gavels and the Scales of Justice. In order to make the Snell Firm stand out, we took a departure from the norm.

With the rustic backdrop of a cowboy boot store in downtown Austin and a historic building in East Austin, the ads featured Jason Snell wearing a business suit and professional shoes sitting comfortably and confidently – much like a boxer during a prize fight.

the veridct

The juxtaposition of rugged Texas heritage with a polished and professional attorney subtly conveyed the enforcer message. With a simple message, “Quality Representation Never Goes Out of Style”, the advertisement not only grabbed attention, it led to a word-of-mouth buzz that increased phone calls from valuable referral sources.