A Facelift For a Legacy Brand

A Facelift For a Legacy Brand


Scope of Work





A Legacy of Civil Engineering In Texas

Founded in 1937, Schaumburg & Polk, Inc, (SPI) provides specialized engineering expertise and integrated management services for the public and private sector. With a long-standing history of meticulous planning and industry leading experience, they are trusted by municipalities and clients around Texas. They set the standard for professional civil engineering, program management and construction management.

Growing Pains

In 2020, SPI was expanding to acquire a new branch in Garland, Texas. With the addition of the new location, their footprint in Texas covers 6 markets with a serviceable territory that stretches from North Texas to Southeast Texas. With the growth came the desire to update their online appearance and brand story. They reached out to Divining Point to manage the construction of their new website and provide guidance on how to best craft their messaging.

Building On Our Prior Knowledge

SPI and Divining Point had a previous relationship stretching back to 2017. As consultants to the firm, we worked with them on content, SEO, and various updates to their previous website. We were familiar with their legacy as a trusted and reputable civil engineering firm, and we understood the complexities of the B2B sales process with both municipalities and private businesses. We approached the new engagement with a modicum level of subject matter expertise.

We started the engagement by mapping out multiple categories of information that needed to be conveyed to the site visitor. With the acquisition of the Garland location, their services included six categories of engineering and construction management offerings. This also meant there were more project case studies to share with the public.


Since the prospect or site visitor would read the site like a professional brochure, we designed a updated layout that wouldn’t distract the viewer or frustrate their desire to get salient information in an easy manner. Yet, we also wanted to balance the storied history of the firm with a contemporary design to convey that SPI was a modern firm.

Putting “Out of Sight” At Top Of Mind

The challenge with civil engineering – especially what fits within SPI’s services – is that the subject matter most likely is completely invisible to the viewer. Drainage, water and wastewater, and infrastructure projects can be uninteresting to most people. We had to represent these projects in a meaningful way despite the lack of quality photography.

We sorted through folders of project photos to identify those assets that would adequately demonstrate SPI’s quality of work for each service segment and project. Additionally, each project case study required careful editing to give the site visitor a full understanding of SPI’s level of expertise and service.

The final result is a quality refresh of the SPI website and an updated approach to their previous messaging. As SPI has grown, Divining Point has continued to support the firm with their marketing efforts, including providing infographics, marketing strategy, and PR.