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RW Arms is a leading retailer, wholesaler and distributor of firearm parts and accessories. They specialize in cutting-edge aftermarket components ranging from hard chargers, stocks, repair kits, triggers, hand guards, magazines and drums for sporting rifles like AR-15s, AR-10s, MP 15/22s and Mini 14s. They are a veteran owned and operated company with a distinctly patriotic brand. 


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RW Arms made a strategic move to buy 100% of the nation’s available inventory of bump stocks from multiple companies that had shuttered their operations. By cornering the market on a highly desirable product, they sought to establish themselves as a high volume e-commerce retailer while building up revenue to support future growth plans. They reached out to Divining Point to build their brand and manage their online marketing strategy.


Divining Point is veteran owned and operated business and supports the Second Amendment. Although none of us own sporting rifles, we took a completely neutral position on the issue of “bump stocks”. As a legal firearm component, we supported the client’s goals of moving this inventory to drive sales that would support the long term goal of the company.

Divining Point started the engagement with a series of strategic sessions to discuss the potential outcomes and liabilities to the brand that could occur from being associated with bump stock sales. A strategy was developed that could support the company’s position through a variety of potential outcomes in the market.

We started by defining the brand. Patriotic. Proud Second Amendment supporters. Pro-veteran and pro-troops. Unapologetic supporter of hunting, recreational shooting, and competitive target shooting. A supplier of only the best cutting-edge technology in aftermarket parts for firearms.

With a brand, tone and voice in place, we established a presence on social media to promote the company. Bi-monthly photoshoots and video productions supported the company’s sales as they made a national name for themselves. A robust onsite and off page SEO project commenced to elevate the company in search engine rankings. Within three months, RW Arms became known nationwide as the leading source for recreational firearm enthusiasts to optimize their rifles.

On December 18, 2018, Donald Trump’s move to ban bump stocks was issued by the Department of Justice and subsequently published in the Federal Register on December 26. The new ruling classified the bump stock as a “machine gun”, thereby making it illegal to possess after March 26th, 2019.

The new ruling gave owners of bump stocks 90 days to enjoy the product in their possession, after which they would be required by law to destroy or turn over the product to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Failure to comply could result in up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each bump stock in their possession.

The client was faced with a major dilemma. Bump stocks made up approximately 40% of their sales in the months leading up to the bump stock ban. As the sole retailer of this product, they sold as much of the remaining inventory leading up to the final day the bump stock ban took effect.

We were on the ground that day as the retailer turned over to the ATF approximately 70,000 bump stocks that remained in inventory. They were destroyed at a local recycler using heavy machinery which reduced the stocks to chips. We captured the event on video and photo to document the entire experience, while simultaneously handling the backlash on social media from pro-gun supporters and anti-gun activists. We even drove a flatbed truck to their warehouse when one of the drivers failed to show up to the event.

Prior to the event we alerted the national media of the client’s move to comply with the law. The news coverage of this event resulted in 2500 mentions and new stories online, with an approximate reach of well over 500 Million. Every major news network across America covered the event.

Following the destruction of this inventory, we worked with the media to provide access to the client for print, radio and TV news interviews. The client sued the United States government on the grounds that the bump stock ban and compulsory destruction of an estimated $18 Million dollars of inventory qualifies as a 5th Amendment violation.

After the bump stock ban took effect, Divining Point conducted a series of strategic sessions to help the client recover from this devastating blow to their online sales. The shift required RW Arms to double down on their brand as a patriotic, pro-veteran, pro-Second Amendment provider of cutting edge technology in firearms parts. This pivot back to the brand resulted in RW Arms stabilizing their sale volume and continuing to push forward as a leading retailer in the firearms industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build greater trust in the marketplace by helping companies fulfill the promises they make to their customers. As such, we wake up every morning to generate demand for our clients’ services and cultivate brand loyalty.

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