Travel Posters For Alaska

Travel Posters For Alaska


Scope of Work



Reigniting A Passion For The Local Community

The Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (KPEDD) is a private non-government resource that seeks to enhance the quality of life for residents of the Kenai Peninsula Borough through responsible and sustainable regional economic development. Their work uplifts the broader community by providing initiatives to stimulate economic activity.

A Bleak Midwinter

KPEDD had a very serious problem on their hands. The Covid-19 pandemic sucked the wind out of the business community and threatened the lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of Alaskan residents. As towns and schools shut down social activities, and with season tourism at a total standstill, KPEDD needed a way to inspire Borough residents to take comfort in the beauty of their own backyard.

Finding Beauty in the Chaos

Throughout the summer of 2020, Divining Point was exploring ways to support Alaskan businesses during the economic downturn of the pandemic. As lovers of vintage travel posters, we worked on a series of concepts that captured the beauty and abstract qualities of hand painted posters. During a strategic conversation with KPEDD’s Executive Director, we developed a campaign that would reignite local pride in the community.

We started with a logo that stated “Greetings From the Kenai” with a style reminiscent of vintage postcards and tourist murals. Each letter of the word “Kenai” contains a recognizable scene from the wildlife Alaska, and the handwritten typeface is joyful and friendly.


We then applied the logo to various concepts that are representative of the gorgeous wildlife and natural settings of the Kenai Peninsula. The result is a series of collectible posters that would brighten the faces of residents struggling with the effects of the pandemic.

After presenting the initial round of posters to KPEDD’s Executive Director, he requested that we translate the posters to greeting card sized versions which could be mailed as gifts for policy makers and business leaders in the community.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 10.38.05 AM
Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 10.38.12 AM

The transition from vertical shape to horizontal shape required additional work to add additional space and depth to each design. We took great care to make the designs vibrant and gorgeous without sacrificing the vintage poster look of the designs. Our goal was to create a snapshot through which the viewer could be transported away from the worries and concerns of the day into the majestic views and healing power of Alaska’s beautiful natural surroundings.


KPEDD distributed the posters throughout the community, including places where frontline workers, first responders, and business owners would see them daily. The cards were distributed throughout the Kenai Peninsula and greater state of Alaska to lift up the community and remind them that brighter days lay ahead. KPEDD’s Executive Director was delighted with the feedback and success of the campaign, and the posters and cards became treasured collectibles from members of the community. A “new vintage poster” for a modern and difficult time in Alaska’s history.