Divining Rods, Compasses, and Maps

Divining Rods, Compasses, and Maps

Marketing. Advertising. Sales. Skullduggery.

To many people these terms are interchangeable. Little distinction is made between blatant manipulation and ethically guiding buyers to make informed decisions.

Fairly or not, this is largely driven by the perception that many marketers, advertisers, and salespeople use unscrupulous tactics to fulfill their needs instead of the needs of the buyer. As a result, people recoil at the notion of being pressured to buy something they don’t want by someone they don’t know using techniques that make them feel mislead.

This largely explains the evasive maneuvers buyers use to avoid being sold. Ad blockers are widely used to shut down online ads, and spam filters are a ubiquitous part of everyday email usage. Online shopping allows buyers to conveniently search for better prices and greater variety without ever having to speak to a salesperson.

As online consumption has shifted to mobile, ad blockers have followed. Even as mobile carriers and marketers shift to adapt to these new filters, ad-averse innovators are quickly testing new technology to block as much sales messaging as possible.

But Wait, There’s More

The demographics are not very encouraging.Millennials and higher income populations are most likely to shop online.

They’re also more likely to use ad blockers.

Sadly, older generations and lower income segments are following in suit as the process has become more convenient. Across the board more people are shunning unsolicited advances and opting to use other methods to make informed buying decisions. People like to find their own way to the brands and services they want.

The desire for discovery is universal for both buyers and businesses.

Whereas buyers seek to make purchases without the marketing thrust of an untrusted company, companies seek to connect with buyers in meaningful ways that provide value and benefit to the customer. This explains the rise of content marketing, search, and data to drive decisions and increase online conversions. But despite what some professionals may say, there is no silver bullet.

All Businesses Are Different.

Vision, strategy, and reach are critical for companies seeking growth and transformation. They need a unique process that leads them to buyers and to achieve progress.

At Divining Point, we guide our clients to greater realization of their goals by uncovering the fundamental aspects of their business, their unique values, and the important traits that define their buyers. Through analysis, exploration, and careful testing, we take the guesswork out of each business initiative.

Whether we serve as your exclusive agency or we only provide a single service in conjunction with a larger team, our mission is to tear down the walls that separate you and your buyers and prevent your business from finding greater success.

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