Has Your Company Contributed to COVID-19 Efforts? We’ll Do Your Marketing for Free.

Has Your Company Contributed to COVID-19 Efforts? We’ll Do Your Marketing for Free.

by | Apr 10, 2020

It’s no secret that businesses throughout the country have experienced adverse effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. Divining Point wants to help. We are offering our marketing services at no cost to companies who are assisting with the community response to the pandemic. Our hope is to support those companies as they support the public through mitigation and prevention efforts.

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each brand: Strategic consulting? We’ll do our research. Public relations? Let’s get you some media attention. Advertising? Increased traffic will appear in no time. Graphic and web design? Your brand will look top-notch when we’re through.

These marketing efforts will be executed pro-bono without obligation, setup fees, or management fees.

What’s the catch?

This pandemic has affected everyone. As a small business that has experienced our own setbacks during the crisis, we simply want to lend our talents to help businesses in a meaningful way.

Divining Point provides marketing for a variety of industries including real estate, Ecommerce, travel and hospitality, technology, B2B, and healthcare services. We’re confident we can assist a variety of fields and that our efforts will help small businesses survive – and thrive – during this difficult time.

“We know many businesses have made tough decisions with regard to their marketing as they pivot to address the crisis,” says Coy West, Divining Point Founder and CEO. “We can step in to stabilize their marketing efforts and allow them to focus on the business of providing much needed support services for the community.”

If your company has taken action to help the COVID-19 crisis or if you know of one that is dedicated to lessening the effects of the pandemic, get in touch with Divining Point today for complimentary marketing campaigns, projects, or consultations.


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