DEI Initiative

Cutting a Path Towards Diversity and Inclusion

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Marketing should touch hearts and move minds in an authentic way that generates positive experiences for the buyer and the customer.

Divining Point is guided by a philosophy that every member of our team contributes equally to the strategic and creative vision that produces memorable moments along a buyer’s journey.

Great marketing originates from a conscious understanding of the diverse cultures, backgrounds, needs and emotions that shape our world. By embracing diversity and fostering inclusion, we develop greater results for our customers, their buyers, and the community at large.

With that in mind, Divining Point has established its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative with these core values:

Team Diversity

Divining Point espouses equitable hiring practices to cultivate a diversified pipeline of talent. The work we do and the way we do it requires that we hire the very best people from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences.

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Inclusive Workplace

It’s not enough to say “diversity is our strength”. Instead, discrimination is the biggest threat to the collaborative environment that fuels our work. We are committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

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Mutual Accountability

We maintain a level of transparency and partnership so that each team member is a part of our long term success. We inspire and support one another to embrace an inclusive culture where great marketing can occur.

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Deliberate Impact

We seek out opportunities for learning, advocacy and service that foster equitable growth outcomes and empowerment outside of our company.

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