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Scope of Work





Coordinating Installations for Large Contractor Teams

Cilio is a technology solutions company that develops field service software for contract service installers for companies as big as Lowe’s and Home Depot or as small as family-owned businesses. With clients around the United States, and with mobile app adoption growing in this low tech industry, Cilio gives installers the tools necessary to optimize their daily operations.

A neglected website

Cilio’s solution, CIO, was one of the first web and mobile applications developed for installers to manage their daily workload. Yet, the company was so focused on improving their technology solution that they failed to update their online marketing presence. In an effort to keep up with competitors, they reached out to Divining Point to develop a website that could guide customers into the sales funnel.

Installing a better design

Divining Point started the engagement with a first website redesign that vastly modernized their approach to online brand representation. Cilio enjoyed the benefits of this website for five years before returning to Divining Point to once again give their website a refreshed approach.

Diving into the project, we once again learned the custom installations industry from top to bottom. We wanted to understand how do installers, manufacturers and retailers engage with websites, what information do they need immediately, and how do they buy. Since the majority of installers, including the business owners, spend the greater amount of their time in a truck driving between jobs, we knew that a complicated website would not only frustrate them, but it would also force them to bounce.

From there we worked on an informative and modern design that would resonate with Cilio's customers.

cilio website

We carefully detailed every feature and functionality that was most important to the customer, and we translated that into the mobile browser experience. We also carefully selected iconography similar to what the installers experience within the commercial applications Lowe’s and Home Depot use within their own contractor management applications.

The final result produced the effect Cilio was seeking. Whereas the previous website offered site visitors a narrow range of information – and produced almost no conversions, the new website unclogged the funnel and brought inquiries through the door. As sales grew, so did the company. The fresh, conversion-optimized makeover of the website helped Cilio expand their market share and put their technology into the hands of the time-strapped installer market.