A New Face For A Hidden Giant

A New Face For A Hidden Giant


Scope of Work






Founded in 1995, Centaur Technology designs high performance, energy efficient x86 compatible microprocessors. If you’ve used a laptop in the last 24 years, chances are it includes a processor designed by Centaur Technology. Their designs are used to manufacture processors for a wide variety of laptop computers made by recognizable commercial brands.


The strength of Centaur’s success lies in the talent of its engineers. They compete with the likes of AMD and Intel, but the company has to recruit new software design graduates alongside more popular companies like Apple, Facebook and Google. Centaur Technology reached out to Divining Point to give them a facelift that would not only represent the company as a professional powerhouse, but also attract young engineers seeking a place to launch their careers. 


The previous Centaur Technology website used a dark and outdated layout that did not represent the vibrant culture and highly desirable workplace that would appeal to young engineers. The sitemap included web pages with different layout designs and content that was obsolete and incomplete.

Divining Point conducted an initial analysis to learn as much about the brand as possible, while getting into the mind of a young engineer who might be considering employment with the company. With a new President and a new team tasked with managing marketing for the company, the direction of the project changed course multiple times as Centaur Technology worked to redefine their brand for an era of new leadership.


What had been hidden to the world before was the lifestyle and work environment of the typical Centaur employee. Divining Point captured a series of visually stunning photographs that revealed the technically complex world of microprocessor design and testing, while also showing the favorable work-life balance that Centaur Technology promotes for its employees.


Once a new layout strategy was finalized, Divining Point quickly delivered the website to portray the company in ways that would be embraced by the internal team and by young engineers with more discerning tastes.