Reimagining the Oilfield

Reimagining the Oilfield


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Managing the Oilfield From Faraway Places

Since 2009, Bluetick Inc. has provided quality technology solutions that deliver measurable value and ROI to oilfield owners and operators. Their flagship applications, the Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) system, Land Management System (LMS) and Water Management System (WMS), are used to reduce response times for equipment failures and streamline the lease and land management process.

A Kink in the Hose

Bluetick Inc had a problem. The oil and gas industry was rapidly evolving from old world manual practices to digital solutions, and yet the suite of Bluetick solutions were difficult to understand and message. Bluetick’s website and online presence had suffered over the years as competitors entered the market. Bluetick reached out to Divining Point to give them a leg up on the competition and tell their story.

Diving into the Details

Divining Point worked with Bluetick Inc to identify the areas of their existing website where information was lacking about the three technology solutions they offered the oil and gas industry. Since we are not engineers ourselves, we felt it was necessary to become subject matter experts in order to competently write about each solution. 

The existing website primarily focused on the Remote Monitoring & Control (RMC) solution, so we spent the time necessary to learn the complex technical information for all three solutions, while focusing on how to expand the knowledge base for the two missing areas.

Refining a New Look

We also explored what Bluetick needed with a new website. They wanted the website to be simple enough to navigate without distracting the customer with complex visualizations and photos. As a B2B company, and since oilfield engineers prefer to read vs see, we designed a minimally distracting layout while also incorporating modern design styles.


We then tackled each technical section and developed new SEO-optimized copy for each feature and functionality of each technology solution. Within each of these pages we inserted CTAs and links to technical documentation. As each feature was checked off the list, we moved forward to the next until each important detail was covered, thereby giving the client a fully developed website that acted as a brochure for all three solutions.