Your website is the first step in closing a sale. The products and services you sell and the promises you make must be explained in a compelling way that engages the visitor from the moment they arrive at your homepage.

Research supports this, but intuitively we all follow the same behavior. When was the last time you hired a company without looking at their website first? Probably in the ‘90s, right? We all do our Google research. We even visit social media to continue our research. Over 80% of people look up a company online before visiting the business or deciding to buy.

Have you been drifting along with the same website you launched when you started your company 10 years ago? Well, there have been a lot of marketing changes in the past decade and the majority of those have happened in the digital world. If it’s been a few years since your last website update, or if you took a “get-it-done-yesterday” approach to the last redesign, then there’s a good chance your site exhibits some of these clues.

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