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About Field Focus:

FieldFocus is a customizable reporting application for companies who require real time documentation from team members in the field. The app was originally called Safety Kick and primarily served Oil & Gas companies who record safety compliance from work sites and field operations. After realizing the app had broader appeal than just safety reporting, the owners contacted Divining Point to assist with rebranding and expanding their market.

What We Did:

  • Helped an existing company rethink their brand
  • Launched an engaging website for a SaaS company
  • Redefined the company’s market audience
  • Provided a complete branding transition strategy
  • Continue with ongoing marketing support

How We Did It:

  • Redesigned brand identity to appeal to a broader market
  • Conducted discovery meetings and focus groups with actual field workers
  • Designed and launched an optimized website to increase site conversions
  • Created original site content reflective of the refreshed brand
  • Assisted with the brand transition, including redesign recommendations for the UI of the mobile app

The Challenge:

James, the owner of Safety Kick, contacted Divining Point for help with their website. It wasn’t delivering the traffic, nor leads, they needed in order to grow Safety Kick’s revenue. With a busy business, the owner couldn’t determine what was affecting their ability to attract and convert clients. He knew that the app was helping its users save time and money, but the website wasn’t getting this message across.

The Solution:

During some preliminary calls with James, Divining Point realized that it wasn’t just the website that needed an update. The entire brand needed an identity refresh. Originally named Safety Kick and geared toward safety reporting, the app had grown beyond its brand and was being used for more than just safety reports – timesheets, checklists, reports, etc. Divining Point suggested that the app be renamed and the logo redesigned to reflect the growing market.





The new logo and name were then used to design and launch a new website with a streamlined user-experience. Custom content was written for every page of the new site, keeping in mind that the app could be used in unlimited ways within different industries. Furthermore, Divining Point consulted with the client to apply new branding and messaging throughout the application, and they provided the client with a strategy to transition the brand throughout their business.